We complete investment in aedifion, a platform provider for the optimization of applications in building technology
16 Jun, 2020

In order to sustainably increase the energy efficiency of buildings and their value, the Cologne-based company aedifion GmbH is expanding its footprint in the proptech market with the entry of Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures in a seed financing round.

aedifion successfully expanded its seed financing round by a seven-digit amount on June 3, 2020. The money will be used to strengthen existing business activities, support product development and secure further growth beyond 2020. Thanks to the investment, aedifion will be able to make an even greater contribution to the digitalization of new and existing buildings.

Mission: Maintaining real estate values in the long term

In order to maintain the value of real estate in the long term, advanced systems are needed to ensure its future viability. Aedifion has been successfully tackling these challenges since 2017, pooling in-depth knowledge in the fields of engineering and information technology. The Cologne-based company networks all sensors and actuators to ensure access to building technology and generate added value from the data obtained.

In addition to automated analyses that immediately uncover inefficiencies in the system and generate optimization recommendations, proptech relies on information technology interfaces. Aedifion brings together various stand-alone solutions from different market players and ensures standardized access to the systems – even for new buildings. The company’s cloud platform is the central hub for the digitalization of modern buildings and enables the development of new business models that previously seemed impossible to implement due to the lack of networking between the various building areas.

With our support

With its cloud platform, Aedifion not only focuses on bringing together different areas of expertise, but also makes this approach clear in the selection of investors in the seed financing round, which BitStone Capital (https://www.bitstonecapital.com/) had previously joined. “We are very happy that we can continue to grow in the real estate sector together with Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures. We are very much looking forward to driving this partnership forward in successful customer projects and expanding internationally,” says Dr. Johannes Fütterer, CEO of aedifion. The fresh capital will be used to further expand the cloud platform and make it accessible to an even larger customer base while maintaining interoperability.

The seventh portfolio company

“We are delighted to welcome aedifion as our seventh portfolio company and look forward to capitalizing on the company’s success in the building automation market. We are convinced that the real estate sector offers a wide range of potential for creating added value for customers with intelligent solutions. Together with the existing shareholders and our own operating units at Phoenix Contact, we see ourselves in a position to realize additional benefits for aedifion. We are very much looking forward to the further development of the company,” says Marcus Böker, Managing Director of Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures.

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Marcus Böker, Managing Director



aedifion GmbH is a Cologne-based proptech company that operates the leading cloud platform for the analysis and optimization of smart buildings. With the help of intelligent software, the operating costs of buildings can be reduced and energy efficiency increased at the same time. They combine technical and IT expertise in a broad portfolio of solutions for a wide range of customers.

For more information, please visit: https://www.aedifion.com/