Our investment focus

We focus on high-tech start-ups that electrify, automate and connect.


Investments in the B2B environment

Our investment focus is sharply defined to get one step closer to our vision of the future every day. We want to make a contribution so that we can all live in a world worth living in. In a society where energy from renewable resources is available in sufficient quantities and at affordable prices.

Our target markets are international with a current focus on Europe as well as Israel, USA and China.

We offer you as founders optimal conditions for a sustainable, strategic collaboration with our ecosystem of experienced managers and international industry network.


Target sectors

Innovation and sustainability

We follow a three-dimensional investment focus and look for outstanding founding teams with extraordinary solutions for a more livable future.

In doing so, we look for product-, material- and/or service-related business models in the deep-tech hardware and software environment.

Energy Storage

Smart Grid


IoT & AI











Start-up to Second-Stage

Type of investment

Minority shareholder

Regional focus

Europe, Israel, USA, China


Prototype available and/or service established


between EUR 0.1-2.5 million


by bringing in an active advisory board

Founder team

Highly motivated, confident and experienced management team

Business Case

reliable business plan with promising expected return on investment

Investments with impact

The All Electric Society as the key

Technology and innovation are our key to a sustainable future. We see ourselves as an impact investor, bringing together attitude and return. We are pushing ahead with the implementation of our vision of an All Electric Society, while at the same time not losing sight of all areas of technological innovation surrounding digitalization, Industry 4.0 and IoT.

In order to use the regeneratively generated energy according to demand, this requires solutions and technologies for electrification, networking and automation to realize sector coupling.

In sector coupling, energy generation, distribution, storage and consumption are considered as a holistic system. To this end, individual sectors exchange energy with each other so that it is available in the right form where it is needed. By collecting and evaluating energy consumption and generation data, the energy flow is optimally controlled.

“The major global challenges demand that leading players in particular put sustainability at the heart of their business models. It is the future image of the All Electric Society, in which we see the big questions of our time answered. With products, solutions and services for electrification, networking and automation, Phoenix Contact as a global technology company supports industry and society on the way to this sustainable world.”

Frank Stührenberg
CEO Phoenix Contact