We become shareholders in a cyber security company
21 Sep, 2016

On September 21, 2016, Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures GmbH acquired a stake in the Dutch company SecurityMatters B.V.. The Eindhoven-based company is a leading provider of cyber security solutions for industrial control systems.

SecurityMatters has sold its network monitoring and anomaly detection platform, SilentDefense, internationally since its launch in 2013. Application areas include power generation, power transmission and distribution, water supply, infrastructure solutions, the chemical industry, oil and gas and industrial production technology.

“SecurityMatters offers solutions for critical infrastructures and Industry 4.0. Industrial applications in particular offer considerable market potential, as cyber security solutions are already in high demand here. The solutions offered by SecurityMatters fit perfectly with Phoenix Contact’s areas of expertise, especially with regard to Industry 4.0,” explains Marcus Böker, Managing Director of Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures.

In addition to Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures and Robert Bosch Venture Capital, KPN Ventures from the Netherlands and Emerald Technology Ventures from Switzerland are among the investors in the consortium. The Swiss company leads the syndicate of four companies. Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures holds a minority stake in SecurityMatters.

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Marcus Böker, Managing Director


About Security Matters B.V.

SecurityMatters offers industrial, mission-critical cyber resilience. SecurityMatters has a proven track record of monitoring, analyzing and protecting industrial environments by transforming complex and hidden issues and threat indicators into clear and actionable intelligence. The company’s products enable end users to easily and effectively operate first-class, cyber-resilient industrial control environments. The company was founded in 2009 by Damiano Bolzoni, Sandro Etalle and Emmanuelle Zambon in the Netherlands.