eologix-ping strengthens ties with wind industry operators
23 May, 2024

Graz/Blomberg, May 22, 2024 – eologix-ping, a leading provider of innovative sensor solutions for continuous wind turbine blade health monitoring, announces a significant strategic investment, marking a new era of collaboration with wind turbine operators. The investment round is led by Emerald Technology Ventures, with participation from Nabtesco Technology Ventures, Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures, and newcomers Helen Ventures, Beraunberri and VERBUND X. This investment underscores confidence in eologix-ping’s vision and technology, enabling the company to scale its operations, enhance product development, and accelerate market penetration.

“We are delighted to have wind industry operators Helen and VERBUND onboard as partners. Their participation highlights the growing recognition of proactive blade health monitoring in maximizing turbine performance and ensuring operational efficiency. VERBUND and Helen, as experienced wind operators, are convinced that our technology will significantly improve their operations. This extension not only validates our approach but also empowers us to further innovate and deliver value to the wind energy sector,” said Thomas Schlegl, Co-founder and CEO of eologix-ping.

Blade health monitoring plays a crucial role in minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and optimizing wind turbine performance. eologix-ping’s advanced sensor technology and data analytics provide real-time insights into blade condition, enabling operators to identify and address issues before they escalate, maximizing energy production and extending asset lifespan.

Formed through the successful merger of startups eologix and Ping in 2023, eologix-ping offers a comprehensive suite of sensor solutions and analysis software tailored for continuous blade health monitoring. Designed for icing detection (DNV certified), damage assessment, and lightning strike identification, eologix-ping’s technology ensures improved and cost-effective operations for wind farms.

“Our collaboration with eologix-ping aims to enhance wind turbine monitoring capabilities and drive innovation within the wind industry. This investment aligns with our commitment to sustainable energy production and reflects our confidence in eologix-ping’s solutions.”, commented Franz Zöchbauer, Managing Director of VERBUND X Ventures.

“We are excited to leverage our expertise and resources to drive innovation in wind turbine monitoring. Our collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy by making it more affordable, reliable and safe,” added Thomas Schlegl.

About eologix-ping:
eologix-ping is a leading provider of sensor systems and services for continuous blade health monitoring of wind turbines. The company emerged from the merger of startups eologix and Ping, offering a wide range of sensor systems and analysis software designed to optimize performance within the wind industry while minimizing maintenance costs.

More about eologix-ping: https://www.eologix-ping.com



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