Start-up Day by Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures

Empowering the All Electric Society: Let’s invest in ideas that create impact

Published: 15 May 2023

What contribution can we make to a sustainable world? It's a question that concerns us all. Let's bring ideas and capital together to invest in ideas that create impact.

As part of the 3rd Start-up Day on September 28, 2023, we invite start-ups, investors and relevant decision-makers. Interested? Feel free to join!

Highlights – more to be announced soon!

  • Pitch sessions: High-tech start-ups from the fields of energy, e-mobility, industry, cyber security and robotics
  • Food for Thought #1: Impact Investment – Mandatory or ?
  • Food for Thought #2: 100 years of Phoenix Contact, 100 years of passion for technology and innovation: A linear success story? – Insights from the C-level of the Phoenix Contact Group
  • Start-up Fair und Showroom: Time to discover and network

Look forward to a day full of concentrated pitch and network power:

  • Start-ups: Pitch your ideas in front of Phoenix Contact's top management and experienced investors!
  • Corporates: Take advantage of direct access to highly disruptive technological innovations!
  • Hubs: Connect with start-ups, corporates, VC's and other hubs!
  • Passionate technology innovators in OWL and beyond: Forge plans, networks and alliances!

Click here for the agenda and registration as well as the application for start-ups for the pitch session.

For more information please contact Max-Friedrich Pieper, Investment Analyst, Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures (Max.Pieper[at]; 05235 3-40312.