PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures closes investment in positioning technology provider Accerion

Published: 21 May 2019

In a syndicate with a local investor, PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures backs the Series A financing round of the Venlo-based young startup. The new funds will be invested in scaling up the company and expand technology and product portfolio.

Blomberg, Germany May 21st, 2019
PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures has completed an investment in Unconstrained Robotics B.V., also known as Accerion (, a Dutch-based high-tech startup which develops and provides infrastructure- free positioning systems for mobile robots and autonomous vehicles.

“Autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and mobile robots are key enablers for fully automation in manufacturing and logistic. For instance, the reduction of manual material handling in production lines is a main goal within the manufacturing industry, but this can only be partly addressed by existing technologies. Accerion’s technology open totally new application cases as it allows AGVs and mobile robots to really navigate infrastructure-free by achieving partly better accuracy levels than traditional infrastructure-based solutions at the same time.”, recognizes Marcus Böker, Managing Director of Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures.

Since the incorporation in 2015, Accerion has steadily improved and developed its positioning technology for the AGV and mobile robot industry. This 100% infrastructure-free positioning technology uses the floor as a reference for calculating the current position of the robot. To achieve high accuracy without infrastructure, the core technology consists of two functional concepts based on optical measurement principle and proprietary algorithms: relative position measurement and absolute drift correction to achieve absolute positioning.

With currently two products in the market and several commercial relationships with renowned market players, Accerion is well positioned to roll-out the sales strategy and achieve the next key commercial and technical milestones. In this context, PHOENIX CONTACT as strategic investor will support this development with its industrial and technical know-how. “We are excited to have PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures on board. We expect to benefit much from their experience and reach in the industry. Their commitment and vision were shown already though the investment process, where every discussion and decision were geared toward the growth of Accerion”

This significant Series A investment was possible due to a syndicate between PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures and the regional investment fund LIOF.

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About PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures GmbH
PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures is the global corporate venture capital company of the PHOENIX CONTACT Group, a global manufacturer and supplier of components and systems for electrical connection and industrial automation technology. The venture capital company invests in startups with business models that are related to electrical connection technology, industrial digitization, automation and control technology, and associated markets.

About Unconstrained Robotics B.V. (Accerion):
Unconstrained Robotics B.V. (Accerion) is a Dutch based tech startup founded in 2015. Led by Willem-Jan Lamers and Vincent Burg Accerion has developed a 100% infrastructure free positioning technology for mobile robots that uses the floor as a reference. With its breakthrough optical positioning and navigation technology for autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), Accerion’s innovation enables effective navigation for mobile robotics and autonomous vehicles, achieving high accuracy without requiring expensive and inflexible infrastructure in the field.

About N.V. Limburgs Instituut Voor Ontwikkeling en Financiering (LIOF):
LIOF – the development and investment agency of the Dutch province of Limburg. Its primary objective is to develop and promote the Limburg economy. For this purpose, LIOF makes available venture capital, supports innovative projects of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and attracts foreign investors.