Green Tech eologix merges with Australian sensor technology company Ping

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Published: 23 May 2023

The portfolio company of Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures eologix bundles competencies and markets with Australian tech company Ping to offer customers globally a holistic product and portfolio range that is unique to the market of wind power generation. The joint system will be the only one on the market that provides customers with a comprehensive, real-time picture of the rotor blade condition.


Blomberg, Graz – May 23, 2023 The two sensor technology companies eologix sensor technology gmbh ("eologix") and the Australian Ping Services Pty Ltd. ("Ping") are merging and bundling their innovative strength to jointly become the leading provider of continuous wind turbine blade health monitoring solutions. The strategic merger complements international markets, making a so-fare unique product range available to customers globally.

„This strategic merger is another proof point and milestone for the market leading technology of eologix. Together with Australian Ping, eologix will be able to bundle competencies and customer centricity to offer customers globally what is important in the field of wind power generation,” states Marcus Böker, Managing Director at Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures. “In 2016 eologix was our first investment at Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures. It is great to observe, how the success story of eologix continues.”

In addition to existing applications such as blade damage detection, icing measurement, pitch angle measurement and lightning detection, the future combined system will also offer additional applications such as monitoring and reporting on the current condition of the rotor blade - e.g., for early damage detection.

Thomas Schlegl, CEO of eologix, explains that by combining their strengths, the joint system will be the only one on the market that provides customers with a comprehensive real-time picture of blade health and operation. This allows operators to identify problems at an early stage, react and thus avoid unnecessary downtime and high repair costs.  “Working together, the two systems will create a holistic assessment of blade health and operation, which has never before been provided by one company.”, Thomas Schlegl said.

Ping will maintain its operations in Australia, while eologix will also remain based in Austria. Both companies will serve the global market. While the merger will take effect immediately, the first joint product will be launched in 2023 under the joint company name.


About eologix

eologix sensor technology is an Austrian company that provides comprehensive insights into rotor blades during operation to reduce production losses while extending the life of the components and ensuring the safe operation of the wind turbine. The autonomous sensors are installed directly on the rotor blade and measure things such as icing, surface temperature, pitch angle, vibrations and more.


About Ping Services

Ping is a company that monitors the rotor blades of wind turbines. Continuous sound measurement enables early detection of rotor blade damage and enables optimization of rotor blade maintenance and operation of the wind turbine. The monitoring system is attached to the tower and can be easily retrofitted. The ping system can also detect ice formation on the rotor blade, detect lightning events by detecting magnetic fields, and detect structural damage within the rotor blade.


About eologix und Ping

With nearly 2000 wind turbines equipped with eologix and ping systems in 27 countries, eologix and Ping continue to work to equip an ever-increasing number of wind turbines for optimal energy production and a green energy transition.


Press Release: Merger set to revolutionise wind power generation | eologix