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PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures

Founded in 2014, smartB has developed a unique software technology, which combined with own developed smart metering equipment, aims to reinvent energy management. Hence, smartB’s energy management system uses proprietary hardware and software technology to source, analyze and visualize energy consumption in commercial buildings in real time. The highly scalable platform analyzes the sourced data and recognizes energy consumption patterns of individual devices by using proprietary machine learning algorithms and non-intrusive load monitoring technology.

Foundation: 2014
Portfolio company since: 2017
Sector: Smart Energy / Energy Efficiency

“Together with PHOENIX CONTACT, smartB is extending its energy management platform to support energy monitoring and predictive maintenance for industrial sites and applications.”

“smartB’s technologically highly innovative data analysis method, combined with the cloud capability is from PHOENIX CONTACT’s point of view the right path to new value-creating business models, and thus clearly consistent with today’s IIoT and Industry 4.0 trends.”
Carsten Thörner, PHOENIX CONTACT

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