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PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures

SecurityMatters provides critical infrastructure and industrial automation companies with best-of-class industrial cyber resilience technology that enables quick identification and recovery from threats to operational continuity. Based on continuous research and development, innovation and dedication to excellence we continue to strive and lead the way in industrial cyber resilience.

Foundation: 2009
Portfolio company since: 2016
Sector: Cyber Security

“SecurityMatters provides solutions for critical infrastructure and Industrie 4.0. Industrial applications in particular offer significant market potential, as cyber security solutions are already very much in demand here. The solutions offered by SecurityMatters fit perfectly with Phoenix Contact‘s areas of expertise, especially with regard to Industrie 4.0.”
Damiano Bolzoni, Co-Founder and CEO of SecurityMatters B.V.

“Our participation in and the collaboration with Security Matters give this young company access to our many decades of experience especially in the field of production automation”
Dirk Seewald, CEO Phoenix Contact Cyber Security AG

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