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PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures

eologix designs and manufactures innovative smart sensor solutions for critical surfaces. Their completely wireless, thin, flexible and energy self-sustaining devices aim the industrialization of smart sensors for challenging applications fields. Their first product, an autonomous and retrofittable thin sensor for icing detection, directly measures the formation of ice on the surface of wind turbine rotor blades with high precision, giving OEMs and Wind Park Operators reliable information about the condition of the rotor blades, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Foundation: 2014
Portfolio company since: 2016
Sector: Sensor Technology

“The cooperation with PHOENIX CONTACT is fruitful by combining the best of both: the value and market presence of a big player together with the versatility of a young, dynamic team.”
Michael Moser, Co-Founder and Managing Director of eologix sensor technology gmbh

“The combination of eologix innovative sensor technology for ice detection and Phoenix Contact industrial connection and automation technology perfectly complement each other in order to address current application trends.”
Stephan Volgmann, PHOENIX CONTACT

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