eologix: The first-ever invest from Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures receives a further million-euro investment

Published: 8 September 2022

Together with Emerald Ventures (Switzerland), Orlen VC (Poland) and Nabtesco Ventures (Japan), Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures empowers eologix sensor technology gmbh to foster international growth and, first and foremost, to greatly expand the team.

Blomberg, Germany, September 08, 2022

"With this financing round, we are supporting eologix together with our partners on their successful course to further consolidate their market positions in the onshore and off-shore sector," explains Marcus Böker, Managing Director at Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures. "In 2016 eologix was our first investment at Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures. This is why we are particularly pleased that this journey continues. For the Phoenix Contact Group, this development is another concrete step in the implementation of the All Electric Society."

eologix, the Austrian market leader for ice detection on wind turbines, develops sensors that measure directly on the rotor blade surface and thus make renewable energies even more attractive. With the new investment eologix will expand and grow the existing product portfolio to further condition monitoring services to achieve the long-term vision to have eologix sensor on every wind turbine. With new international investors, internationalization is now to be promoted as well.

"If we want to drive the energy transition, we need to make renewable energies even more attractive and profitable. eologix makes a significant contribution to increasing the performance of wind turbines with its sensor technology and offers customers and ultimately our society significant added value", says Thomas Schlegl CEO and CO-founder of eologix sensor technology gmbh.

Renewable energies can ensure a secure energy future. The Graz-based Green-Tech eologix sensor technology gmbh wants to contribute to making wind power even more attractive with its sensor systems

The team at Phoenix Contact is proud to be part of this journey. The investment is another clear commitment to set our purpose into practice: Together, we create a sustainable world based on our passion for technology and innovation.